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Juki HZL-DX7 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

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The Juki HZL-DX7 Computerized Sewing Machine is the latest and greatest from Juki.  One of the main features of the Juki HZL-DX7 Computerized Sewing Machine is quality.  Included with the Juki HZL-DX7 Computerized Sewing Machine is the box feed system that stays in contact with your fabric longer for a consistent, reliable seam every time.  The Juki HZL-DX7 Computerized Sewing Machine has a built in straight stitch plate, 8 inch throat space, 277 stitches, 4 Alphabets fonts built in and more.

·         Box Feed System

·         Evenly and effortlessly sew through thick denim, thin fabrics, and towel (high pile) fabrics.

·         Straight Stitch Slide Plate

·         A lever in the front allows you to quickly switch to a single needle hole that allows you to sew through the lightest fabrics.

·         Float Function

·         The float function allows you to sew with the presser foot slightly raised so that you can sew without pressure. Pressure on multiple layers can cause uneven seams.

·         Specifications

·         Control system - Computer

·         Number of stitch patterns - 287

·         Number of available fonts - 4

·         Buttonhole - Automatic (sensor system) with clamping plate

·         Direct stitch pattern selection - 10 patterns

·         Start/stop button

·         Green: Ready to start and/or while sewing

·         Red: Not ready to start

·         Orange: When the lock stitch button is pressed while the sewing machine is engaged in pattern sewing

·         Maximum stitch speed - 1,050 sti/min

·         Auto thread trimming - X

·         Automatic needle threader - Automatic needle threader

·         Thread tension system - Automatic

·         Automatic lock stitch - Automatic lock stitch and thread trimming

·         Feed mechanism - BOX feed mechanism

·         Presser foot pressure adjustment - Stepless adjustment

·         Drop feed - X

·         Quick bobbin preparation - X

·         Bobbin thread winder    - Bobbin winder with independent motor

·         Light      - 2 LED lights

·         Straight Stitch Slide Plate - X

·         Float Function - X

·         Free Arm - X

·         Change in the length/width of stitches - Dial system

·         Number of needle position (straight stitch/other than straight stitch) - 37 / 3

·         Pattern (right and left) reverse - X

·         Twin needle sewing - X

·         Adjustable starting/reverse stitch speed - X

·         Lock stitch - X

·         Low-speed inching sewing - X

·         Presser foot pivot function - X

·         Memory function - 10 patterns

·         Presser foot horizontaly holder button - X


·         Height of lifting of presser foot (1 step/2 steps)

·         Button system - 6 mm

·         Lever system - 6 mm / 12 mm


·         Hard case -Hard case with accessory storage part

·         Knee lifting lever - X

·         Wide table - X

·         Foot controller - Included; with foot switch function

·         Dimensions - 17.5"(W) x 11.5"(H) x 8.3"(D)

·         Dimensions with hard case - 20"(W) x 12"(H) x 10"(D)

·         Arm size - 8.0" x 4.4"

·         Weight - 21.6lbs


Included Accessories


Standard presser foot

Zipper presser foot

Overcasting presser foot

Blind stitch presser foot

Buttonhole presser foot

Manual buttonhole presser foot

Walking foot

Patchwork presser foot

Quilt presser foot


Needle set HA X 1 #11(1):#14(1):#16(1):for knit #11(1)

Twin needle

Quilt guide

Auxiliary spool pin

T-shape screwdriver


Cleaning brush

Spool cap (large)

Spool cap (Middle)

Spool cap (Small)

Foot controller

Knee-lifting lever

Power cord

Hard case

Instruction manual

Operation support DVD

Open toe presser foot

Edge sewing presser foot

Smooth presser foot

Eyelet punch

Wide table