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Needle systems for household sewing machines The most used needle system for household machines is 130/705 H (H=Hohlkehle in German, means with scarf). All needles of system 130/705 H have a flattened shank for perfect positioning of the needle in the needle bar and in relation to the point of the hook. The special needles differ in size, point shape and eye. The groove is adapted to the needle size and guarantees the friction free guidance of the thread through the material. The scarf supports the hook to pick up the needle thread loop correctly. The selection of the correct needle size and point shape has a big influence on the sewing result. The choice of the optimum needle depends on the material to be sewn, its thickness and the intended sewing process (sewing, topstitching, embroidering, etc.). The following gives an overview about the most important A good rule of thumb is that thread should not take up more than 1/2 the space of or in the needle eye depending on thread texture. Thread a needle in your hand and let the needle slide down over the length of the thread. If there is too much resistance, it may show up as broken thread due to heat built up in higher speed sewing and/or just restriction and resistance in the needle eye which can cause thread to shred and break. There can be many more reasons for thread shredding and breaking, other than just matching correct needle eye size to thread size.

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