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Full Service Tune-Ups

Mechanical/Electrical Machines: $89.95
Mechanical machines are all models pre-1970 and many modern machines.  Mechanical means the machines uses gears and levers to make the machine work without any computerized systems.  This includes Featherweights, all vintage and antique machines, and modern machines that do not have circuit boards or computer components.   

Computerized Machines: $99.95
Computerized machines are all modern machines with circuit and/or computer boards.  Most computerized machines have an LCD screen, but the circuit boards on all machines are not always visible.

 Industrial Sewing Machines: $119.95

The industrial sewing machine is a heavy duty version of a standard home sewing machine, and it is used in the clothing and other related industries, such as upholstery sewing for furniture. One of the common uses for the industrial sewing machine is to perform the mass production sewing of pockets into garments made out of heavy canvas, such as denim for blue jeans.

What Does a Full Service Tune-Up Include?

Tune-up services for all models of sewing machines. Sewing machines become full of lint, thread, dust, fuzz, and all kinds of other matter over the course of use, and can become compacted in old grease and oil. This slows down your machine, makes it noisy, and also can harm vital components.  All Full Service Tune-ups include a 90-Day warranty on parts and work performed on the machine.  Labor for most repairs is included with Full Service Tune-up.

Here is a general list of the items we complete with EVERY tune-up:

  • Clean, Oil and Lubricate
    • Delint inside and wash outside of machine
    • Oil all applicable parts and lubricate all necessary gears and pulleys
    • Remove and clean tension assembly
  • Check Electrical
    • Check Light Bulb and any pattern indicator lights
    • Check and adjust foot control range
    • Check power cords and wiring for wear
    • Check motor and motor belt operation
  • Check Sewing and Feeding Mechanisms
    • Check and adjust needle bar and hook timing
    • Check and adjust pendulum timing
    • Check and adjust Feed dog and stitch length
    • Check and adjust Stitch width
    • Check and adjust bobbin case clearances
  • Sewing Test
    • Check bobbin winder and b/w stop
    • Check and adjust top tension
    • Check and adjust bobbin tension
    • Check and adjust stretch stitches
    • Check and adjust buttonhole balance
    • Stitch test a sampling of patterns where applicable

Repairs & Restoration

Repairs and restoration are quoted on a case-by-case basis.  While tuning up a machine, the need for repairs do arise.  For any cost in part or labor over $5, we will notify you immediately before proceeding.  Repairs and restoration will only happen when the customer accepts a price quote, and all costs are known up front.  Extensive repair labor is $65 per hour.  Restoration is often a longer-term situation.